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You have found your way to the author page of EA Robins, author of
Scion of the Oracle, a shared storyverse fantasy novel.

Other published short story titles include:


"The Berlin Assignment"

"The Sword of Death"

"A Pair of Queens"


"Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow"

EA has also recently published a non-fiction article on the importance of reading poetry to enhance the art of fiction writing.

"The Poetry of Prose"

is available for free reading on this site.

It was first published on

The Fantasy and Sci-Fi Writer's Alliance Guest Blog.


And subsequently published by fantasy author D.L. Lewellyn
on her p
ersonal blog.


EA is currently a member of three writing communities,

Of Metal and Magic Publishing

The Fantasy and Sci-Fi Wrtiter's Alliance

and WorldSmyths

More information on those groups and links are available here.

In 2022, EA returned to her love of poetry and published her first collection of poems, Missing the Mark.

Information on this project and further poetry endeavors can be found through the links on this page and at

Currently EA can only be contacted through the Poetry by Ashe website, or on Instagram or Twitter.

Updated: 4/24/23

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