I couldn't think of where to begin without sounding like a butthole.

So, I turned to Google. "10 Questions..."

"10 Perfect Questions to Ask On The First Date"

How could I resist?

First rounds on me.


1. What makes you unique?

Well, honestly, comparatively, very little.
Everyone has interesting things that make them different than other people.

However, in the spirit of the silly questions I found, some things that people find surprising about me, are:

- my ability to drive stick shift

- tattoos

- vocabulary and (over)education

-choice not to reproduce


2. What are some random fun facts about you?

This one is easier.

I've been to Mount Fuji and went into full geek overdrive walking through the Hobbiton Movie set in New Zealand.

I spent a month traveling in Scotland all by my lonesome, by choice.
I went to the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, cage swimming with sharks in Oahu, and (il)legally officated a friend's wedding in Juneau, Alaska.
I've camped in the Moab Desert, Utah.

I saw a show at Red Rocks Ampitheatre, and this is going to be funny to someone, but I can't remember who was performing. I will return when it comes back to me.
I was lucky enough to attend an Ozzfest.
And someone was stupid enough to let me fly a helicopter, once.
Mom and I accidently took part in a Pride Fesitval in Key West when I was 18.
I've eaten foods that are delicacies and would gross out a lot of you, so, ask me about it some other time ;)
I have a dozen poems in literature magazines around the world.
I have had two oil paintings in a 'socially distanced exhibition'. This just means they're pictures of my pictures in books.


I've probably typed enough here that we've circled back to boring, so... next question.


3. What is something you want to learn or wish you were better at?

The language of the country I live in... and self-marketing my book.


4. Would you rather...


Not making up my own questions.
Plus, ya'll got a lot for #2.


5. Know any good jokes?

Ooooooh, yeah, I do!!!

Two elves walk into a bar.

The hobbit laughs and walks under it.


C'mon, that's gold.

6. What's something that bugs you?

I'm actually going to be real honest and pass on this question because there's a lot that 'bugs' me and I feel like something should be saved for the second date, don't you?

7. What’s the Most Embarrassing Thing You Can Remember That’s Happened to You?

The "most" is definitely not going on public record.

I do remember this one time in grad. school where the teacher stopped me in the middle of the point I was making to correct my pronunciation of a word.

It was a very common word.

We were both native speakers.

It was not a pronunciation class.

I did not continue my point.

That one has kinda stuck with me.

8. What's your favorite place on Earth?

I am a really big fan of the high, empty places.

The ones that are so used to being empty that you feel like an invasive species when you visit, but there's also something calling you there.

The places where the wind and the land have pressed so long agaisnt each other that your shape doesn't belong and the when the air gusts around you it rips the breath from your chest.


Or anywhere in water.

9. Who are the special people in your life?

If you pay attention, you don't need to ask me this question.

10. What is something you're proud of?

Ah, one of my seven favorite sins.


So, who's brilliant idea was this?

How long have I been sitting here? Did I pass the quiz? I need a snack. Let's go get a snack.

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