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Writing Communities


The Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers Alliance

"We are a group of Fantasy & Sci-Fi writers who have banded together to help promote each others works, share each others social media posts and try to help each other to create a healthy following of readers on all our

social media platforms."

This is the community that has really helped to keep me on track with my writing.
There are authors at every stag
e of the writing journey, and everyone is super kind and willing to help each other in any way possible.

So, if you're a new author, experienced author, or just someone hoping to be an author, I highly recommend joining this community.


"Worldsmyths aims to help upcoming writers grow their writing skills and author business by providing a supportive, informative community to support them."

While I'm still a little new to this community, I have nothing but good things to say. Again, this has been a place where I have felt nothing but support in

my writing journey.

Every author I have interacted with has been informative and willing to share whatever resources they possess.

Plus, there are almost daily writing sprints and accountability check-ins. I don't know any writer who couldn't use a little more of that XD

Highly recommend joining this warm, accepting writing community.

Two more writing groups that should be mentioned are

RIchie Billings' Community of Writers


Of Metal and Magic Publishing.

Richie Billings' Community of Writers

Richie has started a lovely community of writers based both on Discord and Facebook, though his website, available through the above link, focuses more on his direct advice.


Of Metal and Magic Publishing

OMAM is not 'really' a writing community.

However, as a small indie publisher that focuses on building a shared storyverse, once you've been published with them,

you're part of the family.

Many of the OMAM authors stay on after publication to help with the day to day with publishing.
I served as a social media manager for a year or two, myself.

So, if you're interested in publishing AND getting some experience on the publisher side of things, I recommend getting in touch with this

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