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Published Short Stories

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OMAM Hauntins Real.png
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"Hauntings" (Read for FREE here)

Dec 2019

Of Metal and Magic: Compendium One

Fiction Vortex

A precursor to Scion of the Oracle, "Hauntings" is a first person narrative set in the OMAM CORE world of Soria.


A member of a treasure hunting secret society has been sent to collect a valueable artifact, but discovers that it is in the hands of a beloved mentor.


When forced to choose, will she remain loyal to the organization? 

"The Berlin Assignment" (Read here for FREE)

March 2021


Dragon Soul Press (Animal Shifter LGBTQ+)

Shifter's aren't allowed to serve in war. That is the agreement.

But, it's 1948, Berlin. The uneasy peace brokered after WWII is slowly turning cold, and the Russians are tired of sharing their city with the other Allied powers.

Who better to send past the blockade on a mission of murder and sabotage then one who isn't even meant to be there?

"The Berlin Assignment" is a historical fantasy that deep dives into a world of KGB secrets, assassins, shifters, and spies.

"A Pair of Queens" (Read here for FREE)

Feb 2022

The Misadventures of Jaron and Bren

Of Metal and Magic Publishing (Fantasy Humor Collection)

Rougish adventurers, Jaron and Bren find themselves in yet another sticky situation.

Cross-dressed as goblin women, they attempt to retrieve a priceless jewel

from a goblin prince.

As expected, things do not go to plan.

"The Sword of Death" (Read here for FREE)

June 2022

Prismatice Dreams

All Worlds Wayfarer (Queer Speculative Fiction)

A mythological fairytale dabbling in love and lust, with a heavy focus on revenge.

Two daughters of magic live content in their forest home, until the envy of a goddess destroys the life they've built.

Fueled by rage, the one left behind is given the blessing of Death and sent on a quest for vengeance.

Kindle / Paperback
3rd place fsf.jpg

"Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow"

April 2023

Technology VS Humankind Writing Contest

The FSF Writers Alliance

Human and machine alike, we are all players upon the stage, pacing toward the end of recorded time.


But, at the last, will there be anyone or anything left to write those final words?

Read here for FREE!!


In January 2024, the Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers Alliance published their first anthology, Versus, showcasing the winners from four quarterly writing contests.

"Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" and twelve other prompt-based short stories from Alliance members can be found here.


"Rage of a Daughter" (Read here for FREE)

December 2023


Forever Lost Books (A Dystopian Fantasy Anthology)

After a vicious attack on her home, newly promoted Chief of Security Ashani descends to the lower districts of the city of Symador to hunt the criminals responsible.

There, she finds an unexpected ally and the last clue to identify the villain, forcing her to confront her unburied fury.

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