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Scion of the Oracle by EA Robins

Scion of the Oracle


EA Robins


(blurb, link, and author reading below)

(all photo rights to me)

Scion of the Oracle is my debut novel published by

Of Metal and Magic Publishing.

It is an episodic, fantasy adventure suitable for all ages and follows

the formatting prescribed by the publishing group

for all of their CORE novels.

OMAM's CORE novels are all set in the fantasy world of Soria

and spans thousands of years of magical history.


Stories are written by an ever-growing, international group of authors.

Each CORE novel is meant to be formatted

to ten episodes (chapters),

eight to ten thousand words per episode,

and each episode is to begin with an epigraph.

It is a very interesting format for a new fiction author to follow.

And while writing fiction has absolutely been a jumping into

the deep end learning process, it has also been informative and fun.

Scion of the Oracle is the first part of a two part story that will

be continued with OMAM.

Scion of the Oracle


The seeds of prophecy bloom in the most unlikely of gardens.

Dali is sure there is adventure and excitement beyond Telsemar’s timeless, sandstone walls. Certainly something more than the daily routine of a flower delivery girl. There must be.

If only she could prove herself to the secretive Society of the Divine and earn a place among its revered ranks of explorers. Under the cautious watch of her guardian and mentor, Kip, Dali wonders if she will ever find an opportunity.

When Katherine, a senior member of the mysterious society, ends up missing along with the magic dagger in her possession, Dali realizes this is her chance to show her worth. Unbeknownst to both of them, this task will draw Dali and Kip deep into the hidden history of Soria and to an understanding that some pieces of the past are better left forgotten.
Scion of the Oracle tells the story of two rather ordinary florists dragged into a world of secret societies, peculiar assassins, and a long-lost prophecy that could

change the world forever.

For those who enjoy a lively pace of storytelling in the style of Tamora Piece, or the distinctive characters of Raymond E. Feist, EA Robins offers a tale of excitement, betrayal, and family, interwoven with a touch of magic.



- Author Reading Coming Soon -




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